Escort for Couples?

Escort for Couples or sometimes known as couples escorts is an adult service that involves three people, you and your partner and an escort. The escorts are sometimes bisexual but not always, and their role is to satisfy both parties as part of a threesome. Many couples choose to engage in this couples service to add excitement to their relationship or to please their partner in ways they may not be able to.

Benefits of a Couples Escort

Using an escort for couples has some distinct advantages over other possible scenarios, mainly the fact that they are in no way involved in your life and once the experience is over neither you or your partner needs to confront any possible complications in the future.

No strings attached

The escort does not move in your social circles

Experience means you can learn from your couples escort

You can easily change escorts to have different experiences

Establish Rules and Boundaries

Establishing rules and boundaries before your meeting with the couples escorts is critical. Don’t make the mistake of keeping quiet or thinking nothing can go wrong. When it comes to matters of the heart, it is always sensible to set expectations and clear boundaries. The next golden rule is to not change these rules during your session, in the heat of the moment people can make mistakes without having the appropriate time to consider things, which once done cannot be undone, so rather wait until the next session before introducing or changing your rules.

Be open when discussing your rules

Don’t change them during a session

Be respectful towards each other regarding your decisions

Escort Agency Guidlines

It’s recommended before the booking that customers list all their requirements for the agency, in this way the couples escort knows precisely what she can and cannot do, but also it guides her in how she will go about delivering her service. Typical requests might be that the escort may not have sex with the male, or there should be no kissing, etc.

Let the Female Partner lead in Decision Making

One thing that we have learned when it comes to escorts for couples service is that it is always a good idea to allow the female of the relationship to take the lead in the decision making. Woman are far more sensitive regarding these matters and typically have far more issues than their male counterparts. If the experience is to be successful, we advise the man to be patient and allow their partner to become comfortable with the idea if she feels in-control she is far more likely to continue and experiment with the service.

Makes sure your Relationship is Secure

Make sure that your relationship is both secure and open to this idea. Couples who are close to each other both mentally and sexually can open up amazing new experiences and can get even closer to each other. That being said couples who are having problems should not consider the escort couples service as a way to reunite their love, this is unlikely to happen and in some cases could cause further damage.





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