Montreal Duo Escort Service

The Montreal Duo Escort Service is exactly what its name suggests, instead of one escort you will be accompanied by two beautiful Montreal escorts. For many men, the very idea of being with two women at the same time gets the blood instantly boiling, but sadly very few have ever had the opportunity try. Let’s face it, how often is a man in the position of having two women interested in him, in the same location and open to the idea of a threesome…. It is for this reason we provide the ultimate fantasy experience in the form of the Duo Escort Service.

What to Expect from Duo Service

You will have two escorts for the duration of your booking. During this time you will be able to have sex, and oral with both escorts you choose of course. Unlike other escort services, the girls will work together to pleasure you, and it is here where the unique characteristics of the service are fully appreciated.

Advantages of Escort Duo Service

The advantages of the Duo escort service are far more than most people think. Many assume that this escort service is merely the doubling up of two escorts, when in fact it is far more. Having two escorts at the same time allows the escorts to perform specific sexual acts that they would not usually be able to do. Because there are two of them working together they are able to focus on different activities and body parts in tandem, the sensation is therefore heightened. Additionally, because there are two of them, the escorts will often choose amongst themselves those things that they are either good at or prefer meaning you typically get a better experience from your girls. Lastly, the visual stimulation is of course far higher, with double the skin comes double the pleasure.

Better overall experience

More focused sexual activities

Sexual acts not possible with one escort

Escorts tend to perform those sexual acts they prefer

Increased visual stimulation

Montreal Escorts Duo Service

What a lot of customers do not know is that escorts prefer the Duo Escort Service. This is because working with another girl is both more secure and more fun. This ultimately means that the escorts can be more relaxed and it is this frame of mind that delivers the best possible experience for the customer.

Commonly asked Questions

Can I have sex with both escorts?
Yes you can
Will the escorts perform a lesbian show?
Not always, please understand, most escorts are straight, meaning they like to be with men and very few escorts are bi-sexual (even when advertised) Our experience is that most men are not really looking for a lesbian experience but rather and a bit of visual stimulation and this they certainly do.
Can I climax more than one time?
Yes, don’t forget you have two girls
Can I keep the girls longer if I’m having fun?
Yes, in rare cases this will not be possible


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