Anal Escort Service (A-Level)

Our Montreal A-level Escort Service (Anal) is fast developing into one of our most popular escort services and although many agencies advertise this service not that many of them have the people to perform it. But what is it ? It’s when the man uses his penis to penetrate the escorts anus.

What to Expect with Anal Sex?

The A-Level service provides both regular and anal sex as part of the package. Additionally, the escort providing the service will also prepare herself for the encounter to avoid any unnecessary surprises, this is most appreciated by experience A-Level customers.

Sex and Anal Sex

Special preperation for escort service

Why have Anal Sex?

Of course, the reasons for having Anal sex are numerous, but in general, many men enjoy the experience for its unique sensation which is unlike that of penetrating the vagina. Many say the feeling is superior while others enjoy the variation between vagina and anus, whatever the reasons are it seems more and more men are seeking out this escort service.

Unique sensations

Variation between vagina and anus

New sexual experience

Commonly asked Questions

Can I have both sex and anal sex?

Yes the A-Level Service includes both sexual acts.

Do all the escorts perform Anal Sex?

No, anal sex is a specialized services and only performed by certain escorts

I have a large penis can I have anal sex?

Depending on your size it might be possible you are too large, unlike the vagina the anus does not have as much flex and can hurt or damage the escort, in which case she would need to refuse the service for safety reasons.

Is there an additional charge to A-Level Service

Yes, please see our price list for more information





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